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Standard Inside Accessible Stateroom

Disney Cruise Line staterooms are known for their family-friendly features – from split bathrooms to pull-down beds and even beautiful verandahs. These rooms are ideal for most guests and families. But what about guests who require more?

Welcome to Disney Cruise Line’s wheelchair-accessible staterooms. Each ship offers several of these specially equipped staterooms at no additional cost.

You’ll notice differences even before you enter the stateroom. On some ships, guests can swipe their “Key to the World” card and the door will open – as if by magic. These ramped doorways are also wider than normal and allow guests to bring their wheelchairs right into the room.

This is a Standard Inside Accessible Stateroom that can accommodate up to 4 guests. Most staterooms are slightly larger than a typical room, which allow guests more space to maneuver their chairs or other assistive devices. They can also store their chairs inside the stateroom.

Take a 360-degree view of a standard inside accessible stateroom (select the toggle fullscreen option to enlarge, then use your keyboard’s arrow keys or your mouse to move inside the image).

The split bathroom plan can be ideal for many guests or families, but it can be challenging for those with mobility issues. So Disney’s wheelchair-accessible bathrooms are designed with that in mind.

Instead of having two separate rooms, these rooms feature a larger single bathroom. The roll-in shower has a ramped doorway along with handrails, a fold-down shower seat and a hand-held shower head. An emergency call button provides additional safety.

In designing these staterooms Disney has voluntarily complied with all ADA requirements.

Points to keep in mind:

* Disney suggests that guests in wheelchairs travel with a companion who may assist them.
* Guests with special needs should submit their request for special services at least 30 days before sailing.
* For the safety of all guests, transportation equipment may not be parked in corridors or stairwell landings.
* Guests must provide their own wheelchair prior to boarding the ship.

Keep in mind that each stateroom’s features and layout can vary based on specific category type, location & ship.

3 Responses so far.

  1. Teri says:

    This is great!! With my Mom using a wheelchair/ECV, this brings alot of comfort knowing and seeing the space that she will have to get around the room and the bathroom.

  2. Marcia Cowan says:

    Do you have any pictures of the accessible oceanview staterooms on the Wonder?
    The Fantasy was amazing! The accessible oceanview room had 2 large portholes and the shower was so well designed. Usually the roll in showers leave you with a flooded bathroom floor, but this one had drains that worked to keep the water in the shower. The ramps were a little difficult for walking with a cane, but crutches and scooter handled it very well.

    • Sid says:

      Marsha — I wish I did. But I haven’t had the opportunity to visit the Wonder’s accessible staterooms yet.

      Regarding the Fantasy and Dream class ships, I have to agree. When I first saw how well Disney had put together the rooms, I knew I had to help tell that story. They really did an outstanding job.

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